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Birthdate                                                           8 May 1963

Citizenship:                                   Australian and U.K.  (E.U.)

Education:                                     Phd candidate, University of Queensland, Australia (part time)

                                                                               Centre for critical and cultural studies

                                                        Masters Degree in Animation & Interactive Multimedia (RMIT University, Melbourne 2003)

                                                        Grad Dip (Hons), in Applied Film and TV, Swinburne University of Technology School of Film and Television, Vic, (1990)

                                                        B.Ed, (Victoria College, Rusden, Vic, 1984)



Lecturing at QANTM Education part time (.8 week) Brisbane Australia as lecturer in Animation, Character and Narrative Development, Interactive Environments and Interactive Entertainment.

Studying (part time) as Phd candidate at University of Queensland Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies : Thesis Topic – History Origins and Theory behind « Culture Jamming ».

Also in pre-production on feature length experimental documentary film adaptation of my first book (due for release in February 2005) SIGN WARS : THE CULTURE JAMMERS STRIKE BACK (Pluto Press Australia) based on experiences with Bay Area culture jammer media artists in early 1990s and personal views on role of memory in current global climate of privatised corporate hegemony.


Academic [DC1] Positions Held

1999 – 2004

Lecturer, Digital Screen Production, Griffith Film School (formerly Griffith School of Film Media & Cultural Studies). Courses developed and taught during five year period as full-time digital screen production lectuer : Writing for the Web, Introduction to Digital Media, Introduction to Digital Publishing.

1997 - 1998:

Sessional lecturer semester 2 (casual) at Swinburne University Department of Literature Media and Film. Subject taught: From Book to Film: Textuality and Discourse.

1996 - 1998:

Sessional lecturer (part time) in 3D Imaging and Animation at West Melbourne Technical and Further Education (TAFE)

Sessional lecturer (part time) in new media training at Enter Arts Media, (a private youth training organisation based at the Tea House, South Melbourne.)

1997 - 1999:

Casual guest lecturer at RMIT, Media Arts Faculty, Centre for Animation and Interactive Multimedia


Year 11 and 12 and TAFE teacher, Footscray City Secondary College, teaching film, video and multimedia.

1984- 1989:

English as a Second Language and Art teacher at Midway Child Language Centre, Maribyrnong, Melbourne, teaching secondary school age new arrival students.




Non-Academic Positions Held



            Writer and director of Film Victoria backed original motion picture "Otherzone"

Producer of "Otherzone Interactive" CD-ROM prototype game and interactive documentary

Freelance animator working on workplace training videotapes for Vocam   Production company.

Freelance consultant to Business Victoria, Victorian Education Department, Museum of Victoria, Scienceworks,



Video game producer at Beam Software International, a position
won through acceptance as an associate with the Department of Industry,
Technology and Commerce's "National Teaching Company Scheme". As part of this association, undertook research for one day a week at Swinburne
University's Centre for Animation and Interactive Multimedia. Supervisor
was Professor John Bird to complete report on "role of edutainment producer"



Columnist "The Age" newspaper - "Frontier Media" column (see in publications section)



Writer/Director, "Bureau of Inverse Technology" Documentary for SBS "Carpet Burns" program, 1992








Cox, David, SIGN WARS : THE CULTURE JAMMERS STRIKE BACK Pluto Press, due for publication February 2005. 1864033525, PLUTO PRESS AUSTRALIA, November 2004, 200pp, PB


Cox, David. Article ‘Speed Ramping’, Life in the Wires, CTheory Books  ISBN 0-920393-21-7LIFE IN THE WIRES: THE CTHEORY READER an interdisciplinary anthology on the future of technoculture and the revolutionary impact of the Internet on media, technology, culture and politics.



2002 :

Cox, David. ‘Speed Ramping’

 (May, 2002) (Refereed)


Cox, David, Hankwitz, Molly, Chapter : ARCHIFESTO : TOWARDS A DIGITAL URBANISM OF RADICAL DIFFERENCE, Sarai Reader 02 The Cities of Everyday Life :


2001 :

Cox, David. 'The Lens of Images: Desire, Commodities, Media and

Hacking', in Hugh Brown et al. (eds), _Politics of a Digital Present:

An inventory of Australian Net Culture, Criticism and Theory_    (Melbourne: Fibreculture Publications, 2001). ISBN 0-9579978-0-9


Cox, David, Site Unseen: Seeing, Mapping, Communicating, C-Theory,  (March, 2001) (Refereed) 

Cox, David, Site Unseen: Seeing, Mapping, Communicating, nettime e-list

(Refereed), March 2001.


Cox, David, Site Unseen: Seeing, Mapping, Communicating, "ZKPVI Nettime Reader at Net Art Exhibition, Absolute One Exhibition, Slovenia (Sept 2001)


Cox, David, 'Notes on Cultural Jamming', Media International Australia

 incorporating Culture and Policy, no. 98 (Feb. 2001), pp. 67-76 (Refereed)


Cutler, Terrence, "Commerce in Content", 1994, definition of "multimedia"




Cox, David,  "Notes on Culture Jamming" Nettime e-list, 2001, (Non-Refereed)

Article published in MC Review (University of QLD)

Article "Media Meltdown" (re) published in "Senses of Cinema" online journal, Melbourne (Non Refereed)



Cox, David, "Media Meltdown", 21C Magazine #25, pp 52 - 57 G&B Arts International, 1997,




Regular column in Melbourne Newspaper "The Age" called "Frontier Media"


Cox, David, "Let's Hear it for Geeks and Nerds"

The Age, 03 Oct 1994    


Cox, David, "To Find Digital Horizon, Widen Human Minds"

The Age, 10 Oct 1994


Cox, David, "Business Lessons in Gameplay"

The Age, 17 Oct 1994


Cox, David, "Are Computer Games Simply an Extension of Man?"

The Age, 24 Oct 1994


Cox, David, "Multimedia Funding is Welcome News"

The Age, 01 Nov 1994


Cox, David, "City of the Future - Coming to a Headset Near You"

The Age, 11 Nov 1998


Cox, David, "Move Over, Nerds - Hollywood's Here"

The Age, 15 Nov 1994

Publications continued…


Cox, David, "Cyber Meets Punk on Digital Street with No Name"

The Age, 22 Nov 1994


            Cox, David, "Origin's Winning Recipe"

The Age, 29 Nov 1994


Cox, David, "Women Tearing Down the Walls of the Male Games Bastion"

The Age , 06 Dec 1994


Cox, David, "Morphing The Oz Indie Film Scene Paradigm, or Why We Need the Digital Media Commission", "Filmnews", June 1994

Cox, David, "Panoramicon, Notes on a Film", Cantrills Filmnotes, Nos 59,60, September 1989, pp 12-19

Cox, David "Tatlin: David Cox Writes on His Film", Cantills Filmnotes Nos 63, 64, December 1990 pp 54-55




2004 :

Cox, David, Review of Michael Moore’s film FARENHIET 9/11 for OTHERZINE :


2003 : Cox, David, Review of Geert Lovink’s book ‘DARK FIBRE’ for Fine Art Forum,




Cox, David, Review of Explorations in Art and Technology (Candy, Linda, Edmonds, Ernest, Springer, 2002) for Fine Art Forum (refereed)

Cox, David, Review of New Babylonians: Contemporary Visions of a Situationist City by Iain Borden (Editor), Sandy McCreery (Editor) review published in Fine Art Forum webzine,


Cox, David Review of  "Sci-Art" exhibition of technology art at Brisbane's Science Museum published in Eyeline magazine, 1999

Cox, David, Review of Jun-Jieh Wang’s Neon urlaub - Agency versioninstallation at Brisbane Art Gallery published in Realtime magazine during Art and Asia Pacific Triennial, 2000

Review of Dr Darren Tofts book  Memory Trade: A Prehistory of Cyberculture published in Leonardo journal of Art and Technology (Mass. Institute of Technology) 2000


         Review of Memory Trade: A Prehistory of Cyberculture also published in "M/C Review" online journal based at  QLD University.



Cox, David, Review of Third International Symposium of Electronic Art, Sydney for "Filmnews" magazine, June 1992



Cox, David, Review of Arthur and Corrinne Cantrill's performance "Projected Light" for Filmnews magazine, October 1989





Cutler & Co, contributing to "Commerce in Content" report (which uses my definition of 'multimedia' on page 6). This report was instrumental in the development of the Keating government's 'Creative Nation' policy in 1994.



Business Victoria (A$8000) to visit the United States, UK and Holland games and multimedia firms (Institutions visited Broderbund, Electronic Arts, Activision, Voyager, NYU,  XEROX-PARC, Netherlands Design Institute. Aim of consultancy: to develop an insight into sites of innovation in commercial and academic new media institutions.

Museum of Victoria, Scienceworks for Cyberzone touring exhibition, advising on ideas for public 'virtual reality' systems.








Film and Video Production


2002:  ‘’The Agreement’’, 15 Minutes, crime drama, miniDV, starring David Cox as  Inspector Dalmas Up From Melbourne, and James Denton as Jimi The Freek, shot in and around West End, Deception Bay QLD.

‘’Poetry of the Street’’ – short film made in conjunction with Boundary Street Festival, West End October 2002 using wireless mobile camera of festival participants, and shown to same people later in the day.

"A Secret History Of Brisbane", 6 mins, video, part of the "Time and Light" project based at QPIX, funded through the Centenary of Federation Fund. Co-Wrote and Directed with partner Molly Hankwitz

"Urban Strechnology Toolkit" parody 'infomercial' for "Model Citizens" exhibit at Artspace gallery.



Otherzone, 35mm, colour 15mins, with $210,000 grant from Film Victoria, produced by Serpentine Films, Melbourne

Otherzone is a political sci fi 35mm film thriller starring Stelarc and Marie Hoy. In addition an interactive CD-ROM prototype called "Otherzone Interactive" (A$40,000) was developed which comprises a video game, and an interactive documentary on the making of the film and the digitised film itself.


Bureau of Inverse Technology, investigating a group of Melbourne - based feminist technology artists as an episode of CARPET BURNS for SBS television




Puppenhead: 16mm, 7.5 mins, b/w starring John Flaus, Hienze Boek,

As final assessment item of Grad Dip degree at Swinburne Film School, "Puppenhead" obtains Australian Film Commission Post Production grant (A$2000). Graduated with Distinction: Graduate Diploma in Applied Film and Television. Puppenhead screened at forteen international festivals, (including London, New York, Tokyo, Seattle, Turin, Melbourne, Sydney, Oberhausen) wins
four local awards, three AFI nominations: best direction in a non-feature film, best sound in a non-feature film, best editing in a non-feature film




Tatlin 1 16mm colour, 1 minute puppet animation based on the life of the constructivist artist Vladimir Tatlin. Screened as part of Experimenta film festival, Melbourne, 1991




Monuments Far and Strange; 16mm puppet animation 4 mins - included Melbourne International Film Festival, 1990.



Onus On Us  super 8 "diary" film, feature length about everyday life and pychogeography in Melbourne. Screened at 1987 Melbourne Super 8 Film Festival.


New Media Production


2002 :

Electronically Mediated Urb research CD-ROM based durable visual record. Web site with quicktime movies, audio files, text and images . Assessment item for RMIT masters degree.



"The Cabinet of Lost Mechanical Puppets" - combining animated physical puppets with computer generated backgrounds as well as live action elements. Funded by Australian Film Commission's New Media Program

"Creatures from the Stars" - an online hypermedia narrative about memory, place, identity and communication. Archived at Australian Broadcasting Commission's online's "The Space " site. Developed as part of "Stuffart 99" (A$4000) grant from the Australian Film Commission  and ABC Online.



Otherzone Interactive CD-ROM - prototype videogame and interactive documentary on the making of the film Otherzone


Electronically Mediated Urb (EMU) Grid Project - a web based
"city grid" aimed at enabling ordinary people to obtain for themselves a
'home' within a web based city grid. EMU examines the role of adjacency and
proximity in a multi user online community, and represents Masters research
undertaken at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.




"Metroplex ". Backed by the Australian Film Commission (A$9000). Thriller CD-ROM interactive game prototype.





Travel Award ($2000) from Arts Queensland to honour an invitation to visit San Francisco State University's Inter-Arts Program as a visiting scholar. While there undertake research at SFSU into digital media and interactivity. I also screen and digital media works by Griffith students, works on video curated by Griffith Artwork ("Sick and Dizzy") as well as my own work.



Visiting Scholar, Massetchusetts Institute of Technology, Media Lab  in Boston for three months. A$6000 scholarship from  Melbourne based Co-operative Multimedia Centre eMERGE provided to develop augmented reality signage, and to investigate trends in wearable computing. Research undertaken in the context of RMIT Masters candidacy into Electronically Mediated Urban Space.




Medici grant (A$2000) from Medici Society, RMIT, a fund which sponsors excellence in student research


1992 - 1994:

Two Year National Teaching Company Scheme Scholarship to undertake on-the-job research into new media development. Host Institution: Swinburne Centre for Animation and Interactive Multimedia. Host Company: Beam Software International: developers of videogames for Sega and Nintendo consoles. Scholarship pays 1/2 salary at Beam Software International, and underwrites research costs at Swinburne (one day per week of study).



Participant, 7th International Festival of Super 8 Film and Video in Brussels with grant from The Federal Department of Foriegn Affairs and Trade. While in Brussels, present original film and performance work and deliver paper on "Super 8 and the International Film Community"


Media Art Activity (Exhibitions, Screenings etc)


2002 :

Participation by proxy in ‘’Laptop Cinema’’ workshop held at 2002 This is Not Art Festival, held in Newcastle NSW, October 2002, partner and G.U. staff member Molly Hankwitz hosted the conference, I organised the CD-ROM movies  and prepared workshop materials.



October: Artist in residence at Artspace Gallery, Sydney, with partner Molly Hankwitz - installation project "Urban Strechnology Kit" part of "Model Citizens" exhibition.

'Microcinema' event, screening of underground films from private collection, Newcastle Electrofringe




Form Archimedia, a research collaboration with partner Molly Hankwitz exploring the relationships between urban planning, architecture, public space and communications media.  Full page colour article published on Archimedia on Dec 8th in Brisbane Courier Mail newspaper.

Organise series (total of eight) screenings at the Institute for Social Ecology in West End, Brisbane. Screening program is based around specific themes and material drawn from private collection of underground and avant garde film and videos.



Curated series of six bi-weekly screening events at Metro Arts Cinema
in Brisbane based around the theme of Media, Art and Technology.

Undertook combined expanded cinema (multi-screen projection and sound collage) event: Space and Place at Metro Arts Gallery. With Andrew Kettle (4ZZZ Atmospheric Disturbances program) as part of 1999 Multimedia Art and Asia Pacific Festival (MAAP).

Otherzone screened as part of Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Festival screening program at Brisbane Art Gallery Theatrette.

Otherzone screened at Festival Internazionale Di Cortomeggi
E numove Immagini 1999 in Rome, Italy,

Otherzone screened at Inaugural Noosa International Film Festival, QLD.

Arts QLD backed  visit to California:

10th December: Presentation of my film and video and multimedia to students at San Francisco Art institute, presented by Dr Jesse Drew, head of the SFSU Inter Arts Program.

December 7th: Presentation of films and video to students and staff at City College, San Francisco.



Curated a selection of Australian digital film and video productions
for the San Francisco Transcinema festival organised by Blasthaus Art
Gallery in San Francisco, USA.

Presentation of work from Australia at "Digital Down Under 2000" at San Francisco "Artist's Television Access" gallery . Work included CD-ROM and video art by Australian interactive media artists as well as the "Sick and Dizzy" 1991:



Attend Oberhausen Film Festival with Australian Film Commission travel grant. While there I represent the work of five other film makers.experimental video compilation from Griffith Artworks collection.


Formal Lectures and Presentations



Delivered lecture at Newcastle Electrofringe/This is Not Art festival in Newcastle entitled 2001: Then and Now - a Deconstruction of the Film "2001: A Space Odyssey" from the point of view of design, fashion and the corporate imagination.

        Presented lecture/presentation at Artist's Television Access Gallery, San Francisco and also at Gallery 21 in Oakland, California on "Cities of the Future 2000"

Presented talk at Metro Arts gallery, Brisbane on "Cities of the Future 2000" - an examination of representations of cities in popular culture, with Molly Hankwitz and Geert Lovink.


Presented forum for the Australian Key Centre for Cultural & Media Policy on the subject of public space and tactical media at QUT with visiting lecturer
Geert Lovink, and Dr Scott McQuire (Deakin University)


Trends in Wearable Computing, and Cities of the Future 2000, Electrofringe festival, Newcastle, New South Wales


E-zines and the 'net and Electronically Mediated Urban Space. Newcastle Young Writers/Electrofringe Festival 1999


Conference Papers


Invited to contribute paper on culture jamming for ‘’Straight Outa Brisbane’’ Festival, 2002

Invited to attend YLEM forum in San Francisco in January 2002. YLEM is a 25 year old artist's networking group whose members work involves technology.



Australian Film Commission Narrative and Interactivity conference, Melbourne Paper: To Hell With Storytelling



Media Entertainment Arts Alliance Conference, AFTRS, Sydney paper: Performers and New Media



New Media and the Family conference held by the Department Film and Literature Classification



Personal Contact details:


Mr David Cox, B.Ed, Grad Dip, MA


Ph 61 7 38465457 (home)

61 438 050863 (cellphone)


web site: