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Sarai Reader

Archifesto: Towards a Digital Urbanism of Radical Difference

(written with Molly Hankwitz)

Download a pdf of the Archifesto here


Site Unseen

Speed Ramping


Magazine Articles

Media Meltdown (21C 1997)

Film Reviews

Farenheit 9/11

Fifth Element Review (Real Time)

  Book Reviews

Dark Fiber by Geert Lovink in the Fine Art Forum E-Zine

"Memory Trade" by Darren Tofts andMurray McKeitch

Explorations in Art and Technology in the Fine Art Forum E-Zine


"Age" Newspaper Columns 1994

Origin Has Winning Game Recipe

Where Cyber Meets Punk on a Street toNowhere

Women Breaking Down the Barriers

Are Games an Extension of Man?

Censoring Games?

Move Over Nerds, Hollywood'sHere!

World Wide Web


St Kilda in the 1970s

City Memories

Smith St

Sell Me Myself

Above Previously Published in SatelliteDispatch web site

Review of "After Yesterday's Crash"by Larry McCaffery

Cyberfeminists Avant a Lettre - Bureauof Inverse Technology



The Lens of Images

Cities of the Future

Notes on Culture Jamming on Nettime

Guy Debord’s Last Hour


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